Monday, October 2, 2017

Dean Forbes Grade Four Class June Garden Visi

 This is a late post but still a good read! Last June we had the pleasure of taking Dean Forbe's grade 4 class to visit the organic garden and do some harvesting with them! We took the class through the garden and taught them some of the basics. We then took the kids, as well as their harvest, to one of the food labs on the University of Guelph campus to make some fun recipes to take home to their families!

The first activity we did with the class was go to the garlic fields and pick some scapes! We taught the class the importance of harvesting these scapes. We taught them that trimming the scapes help the garlic cloves keep their shape and grow better. the class was very enthusiastic in the process, picking, and even some more adventurous the taste!  

We also took the kids to the strawberry bushes and let them pick (and eat) as many as the could! We couldn't believe how much  the children were involved and the questions they had.

Leaving the garden the class was excited beyond belief to make some food with the produce they had just picked!

In the kitchen we made a strawberry-rhubarb chutney to put on ice-cream as well as a organic honey and chocolate oatmeal bar!

With the volunteers we had we found the cooking process a breeze and the kids once again enthusiastic as ever. Her is a picture from Dave's group where they bonded over hockey and decided to decorate some of their oatmeal bars.

 Dean Forbes has agreed to bring the new 4th grade class to participate in an event with the Garden2Table team later this October and we are ore than excited to see what fun we get up to this time around!

P.S. Don't worry, we'll be sharing all the details on the Blog!!

Thursday Organic Farmers Market!

Hey folks, as you know the Garden2Table team is passionate about organic farming practices and have a strong relationship with the Guelph Center For Urban Organic Farming. Every Thursday for the past month or so we have been volunteering at the garden doing everything from planting and watering to harvesting and selling!

 Featured at the farmers market is a wide selection of exciting fruits, vegetables, and flours! Some of the Garden2Table team's favorites are the plump raspberries, super sweet carrots, and all fresh herbs!

We can't forget to express our gratitude for the woman who makes it all possible! Martha Scroggins has worked hard every week to keep the garden alive and blooming, she has amazing knowledge and passion for organic farming! If you are ever at the garden, definitely take a minute to say hi and ask Martha about her garden!

If you want to drop in to the market the final day is Thursday October 5! We will be showcasing all your thanksgiving favorites for prices you can't beat!!