Friday, September 22, 2017

Garden2Table 2017-2018 Team!

Introducing this years Garden2Table team! We will be keeping you updated on all the amazing events we put on as well as sharing our passion for sustainable food!                                          

Monika Kruszka

Hi everyone: 
My name is Monika Kruszka. I got involved in Garden2Table because I really wanted to learn more about the food I eat. I love to cook (and eat) and that’s what brought me to Guelph to study Hotel and Food Administration. I began my career in the hospitality industry in September 2016, by participating in a high school coop program at Fraticelli’s Restaurant in Burlington. I want to get my Red Seal with Earl’s, my current employer. I see myself become a Sous Chef with them, and eventually work towards the Head Chef position. The industry definitely needs more women in BOH leadership roles. Anyways, eventually, I want to open a restaurant of my own. I see myself having a small retro diner, filled with vintage knick-knacks, serving burgers, milkshakes, and other kinds of comfort foods. This specific program at Guelph has opened doors for me, and given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge about the industry, so I can then open my restaurant. Garden2Table is an example of how special the HAFA program at Guelph is. A business student like myself gets the chance to teach elementary school students about organic farming, while volunteering at the garden once a week. It is such an amazing thing to be a part of. I love it so much already. And I cannot wait to explore more of this course and learn more about where our food comes from. 


Brennan Moro

Hello everyone, 
My name is Brennan Moro and I am a second year student at the University of Guelph, and I am doing my Bachelor of Commerce in Hotel and Food Administration.  
Throughout my life I’ve had a strong relationship with food, in fact, I have been cooking since before I was allowed to.  I would sneak downstairs in the dark of night at a remarkably young age in an attempt to make myself something to munch on.  Whenever I’d visit my grandparents I’d get immense satisfaction from helping out in the victory garden in their backyard, and even more satisfaction from eating the food that had been covered in dirt just hours ago.  The world of food grabbed hold of me very quickly, but at first I didn’t realize that the food industry was one in which I could turn into a career that suited my talents and needs. 
I am very excited to have been chosen to help lead the Garden 2 Table team this year in order to try to inspire as many children as possible to see the wonder of food that I was exposed to at an early age.  My personal goal for the Garden 2 Table program is to share my passion for food with these students and hope that it excites them as much as it has excited me. 



David Barton-Hammond 
Chef, Bartender, Lover of Food 
5th Year Hospitality Student 
University Of Guelph 

Hey folks, you can call me Dave. I am a 5th year student at the University of Guelph finishing my Bachelor of Commerce in the Hotel and Food Administration program. I have always loved what Garden2Table has stood for and I am happy to be part of the team this year! My teammates and I all share a passion for food and drive for sustainability. Being a cook myself (chef to be) I love cooking with organic ingredients because they provide so much more flavour and nutrition to food. Through Garden2Table I will hopefully get to spread that appreciation with the community and younger generations. I take pleasure in having the opportunity to share my knowledge and passion with the up and coming generation to hopefully spark the passion they may not know they have themselves! Looking forward to a great year, if you ever want to meet my team and I come see us at the Guelph Organic Farmers Market Thursdays from 3-6pm! 

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