Thursday, February 1, 2018

Fries and New Friends Caitlin Breaton's Grade 5 Class!

Hey all!

This is a late post but nevertheless I want to share with you the great experience our Garden2Table team had with Mrs. Beaton's grade 5 class at the Organic Garden Centre! We took the students through the garden and had them doing a variety of tasks and harvesting. We then took the kids and their bountiful hull to the University of Guelph's very own food lab to prepare the same produce they harvested!

Teh class arrived at 11am bundled up and ready to go! We started the tour with an short introduction from the woman that makes everything at the garden possible, Martha Scroggins. She told the class about all the cool things that go on at our garden and ho we use alternate energy sources to irrigate the fields.
First we took the class to the back fields where we had them leatn the intricate proccess of harvesting organic potatoes! We had alittle fun doing all the harvesting by hand and explained to the eager students that by harvesting by had we can save on eneegy costs and we dont polute the enviroment with exhaust from big machines! Big shout to a good friend of the team and sustainability enthusiast Nicholas Hughes Mussio, for all his volunteering in the garden!

Now it was time to move from the garden to the kittchen! Unfortunatly, it was too cold for the class to harvest the tomatoes but we had gathered them from the garden earlier in the year for the class to use! We had the class guess what we were going to be making and they were very excited when somebody guessed that we would be making a classic, Fries and ketchup!

With help from a few more firends we broke the class up into small groups and had them cook their fries and homemade ketchup with their leaders. The class was enthussiastic and well mannered and made for a smooth day in the kitchen!

 It was hard to get a photo of the finished product because they were all gone so fast! We did however, send the kids home with a reusable jar of their own ketchup for their family to enjoy! Here are a couple more photos of the class. 
On behalf of the Garden2Table team id like to say this was such an enjoyable experience and we are honored to have shared it with such a great class! Mrs. Beaton and her class are welcome back to the Urban Centre for Organic Gardening any time and i hope we were able to achieve our goal and spark some passion for sustainable practices in these future garden stars!

-Garden2Table Team 2017/2018

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