Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Food Revolution

"Your child will live a life ten years younger than you because of the landscape of food that we’ve built around them.” (Jamie Oliver)

Many of us here share a common interest: food. However, we're not just interested in eating or trying the latest recipe featured on epicurious.com or foodgawker.com; our interests go much deeper than that. The reason Garden2Table exists is to educate our community about where our food comes from, and how to eat healthily and sustainably. In Guelph, and at the University of Guelph, we have more resources than most cities, provinces, states or countries. We have the knowledge, skills, abilities and tools to allow us to live sustainably. 

The Guelph Centre for Urban Organic Farming and Garden2Table have partnered to teach the youth of the community about the importance of understanding where food comes from; influencing their food choices by reconnecting them with earth's resources and how simple, easy, and important it is to plant, grow, harvest, and prepare their own food. 

Most of you have seen the video or heard of Jaime Oliver's Food Revolution. As we approach our first garden visit, I started thinking about just how crucial it is for these students to learn about the food they eat. Many families don't understand the importance of healthy meals and snacks and it is up to us to help make a difference. 

Check back next week to find out about our first visit

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