Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mother Teresa Catholic Elementary School @ Garden2Table

Visiting us from Cambridge on Friday was Mother Teresa Catholic Elementary School. Sixty Grade 4 students along with their teachers and some parents got a tour of the GCUOF and joined us at PJ's in the Atrium. During this visit, the students learned how to harvest leaks and carrots, clean up bulbs of garlic, and taste raspberries right from the bush! 

Understanding where the food comes from is one of our biggest focus areas. The most rewarding aspect is when the students start to make connections such as the seeds from a sunflower can go in the ground to make 10s of new sunflowers. Getting them involved at a young age only lets them develop their own interest and think about what they are eating at the dinner table, on the way to practice, and at school at lunch. 

When we got back to the kitchen, the excitement really began. This week we made kale chips (a huge success!), kale dip, pita chips, sweet potato and leak pizza, granola, and hummus. For many, it was a first time trying out most of the ingredients. We helped them create recipe books with all the recipes of the snacks they created to bring home to their families and try them again. 

Next week we have a smaller group of 30 joining us from another grade 4 class. 
Don't forget to check back! 

Garlic cleaned up after harvest, ready for snacks in the kitchen!

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